Are LCD's ready for gaming?

I recently accidentally scratched the screen of my ViewSonic P95f+. Huge bummer, since it can't be fixed. So here I am looking for a new monitor, are LCD's up to the task yet? Or should I find another P95f+? I do play a lot of FPS, and watch a fair amount of movies. I was looking at the ViewSonic 191b which looks promising. Any thoughts would be great! Thanks!
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  1. Anyhting with a refresh under 16ms or possibly 24ms and you'll be good to go with virtually no problems.
  2. Hello c4onastick,

    I have a question: did you read any of the earlier posts about the Viewsonic VP191b?
    The reason why I ask is because if you had read any earlier posts then I have a feeling you would have asked an entirely different question.

    Here's one thread you might want to read before you slap any money down.

  3. I hadn't read any of the other posts, thanks! I'll have to look into this "sparkling" a little more.
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