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Help desperately needed! HD is RAW

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October 7, 2004 5:59:51 PM

My new 200gig Seagate haddrive is now showing a file system as "Raw" in the Computer Management service of my WinXP Pro. I don't understand how this happened and how to change it back to NTFS. I'm desperate to fix this! There is 40 dvd movies that I backed up to this drive and I don't want to spend another week ripping them agian.

I have two pc's.

1st has WinXP Pro and I installed this new drive on that to rip the 40 movies with DVD Shrink.
I formated it as a NTSF file system. All that was left was 2gig of free space when I was done. Then I removed the HD and isntalled in on my 2nd PC.

2nd PC with WinXP Home. Motherboard has ATA133 IDE controllers also.
So after installing the slave hd to this pc I do see all the files and folders. All my movies are still there and its a NTFS file system. I even play a movie using Theater Tek but the pc crashed ahalf way through the 1st chapter and reboots. I have an overheating CPU 1800AMD. Which is no biggy that I have been dealing with. Just rebooted after 5 min of cooling down. Going to replace this CPU this weekend with AMD2600 Barton.
After rebooting I see that the HD is showing correctly in BIOS.
My Computer does not show allow me to open up the drive. Get Error mssg: File of folder is corrupted and cannot open.
I check Computer Management and see that the drive File System is a RAW format. How did this happen? I did read a MS article on how sometimes on larger harddrives if the system goes into hibernation or does a cache dump that this may happen. THere is a MS download patch to install which I will.
But the question is: How do I put this HD back as a NTSF?
Is there a Free Shareware program that will let me do this?
Is there something I can do?

Im in desperate need of help.

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October 7, 2004 6:21:35 PM

download PC Inspector File Recovery freeware.

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October 7, 2004 6:23:22 PM

Your partition information somehow got messed up. First try a partition rewriting program, such as Active Partion Recovery, or anything similar to this.

If you can't find a Partition recovery tool that works for you, you will have to use a hard drive recovery tool to get your data back, and this means you will have to have enough spare hard drive space on another drive, to temporarily backup files. R-studio makes a good, affordable program for this. There is one just for NTFS, and is roughly $45 to purchase.

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October 7, 2004 6:25:18 PM

download PC Inspector File Recovery freeware.

Isn't PC Inspector File Recovery, only for FAT partitions? Maybe I am thinking of another program, PCI File Recovery maybe (Assuming they are the same thing)?

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October 7, 2004 6:34:15 PM

Thank you for trying. I downloaded that program and tried running it. When the program got to my E: drive which is the slave to my Primary I got an error mssg:
Access violation of address 004BAE0E in module "filerecovery.exe"

Computer Management now shows that drive as having no File System
186gigs free available.
October 7, 2004 7:27:02 PM

Thank you for the effort.
I tried Active Partion Recovery and read the entire instructions and created a boot disk. It simply could not do it. Even tried the options it mentioned. Nothing worked. Oh well. Looks like I will just reformat that hd and start over.
Thanks everyone for the effort.
October 7, 2004 9:00:19 PM

<<Your partition information somehow got messed up.">>

Welcome to the Windows XP world, I had the exact same thing, but lost 2 NTFS partitions, gg. Win2k ROOOLZ.

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October 7, 2004 9:02:16 PM

Dude, don't even try, XP does not play well with .avi files for some weird MS reason (DRM?), I've done everything.. ended up reinstalling w2k on it, and never looked back (or should I ;?)

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October 7, 2004 9:36:39 PM

I had the same problem with a 250 gig HD. I used Easy Recovery Professional to retrieve my data. The only way to repair the HD I know of is to reformat and partition. To get your data before formatting, the program will show you the files that are in good condition, next you have to choose the files you want to recover. The program will copy the files fom the HD and put them on another drive of your specification. The website for the porogram is If you like, I can send it to you, just message me.
October 7, 2004 9:39:36 PM

Where were you before, sigh..?

..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
October 7, 2004 11:57:56 PM

It is for FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS file systems.

Thanks for clearing that up RichPLS. I can't remember where I read that, could be I have a real old version of the program or something. I just remember it didn't end up helping me out much, unfortunately, R-studio ended up retrieving my data.

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