Habu vs. Krait vs. Diamondback vs G5

I'm considering buying a gaming mouse but I don't know a heap about them. In fact, the only stats I know right now are the DPI's. Which of these is best for the money:

Microsoft Habu @ $103 New Zealand Dollars (2000 dpi)
Razer Diamondback @ $96 NZD (1600 dpi, I think...)
Logitech G5 @ $98 NZD (2000 dpi)
Razer Krait @ $74 NZD (1600 dpi)

I can't go over $105 NZD right now, either.
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  1. I havent actually used any of the other mice, but i voted for the diamondback.

    Ive been using mine for quite a while now and its really difficult to go back to using other mice after using the diamondback.
    The only problem is the left hand side buttons are so diffcult to reach to press effectively [especially in fast paced games] that they are practically useless. For me anyway.
  2. Thanks for your advice. I've decided I want more than a 3 button mouse, so that rules out the Krait. My comment on the buttons on the Diamondback is that for a similar price you can now get a Habu, which has movable buttons. Anyway, I want to see what more people say before I make a decision.
  3. well the krait is really a diamondback without the side buttons (check it out ubermoose) and both are good for low or high sense players. the habu isn't recommended for low sense players. the G5 isn't recommended at all. if you really want laser, the razer razer deathadder is apparently king of all mice. theyr'e all compared here:

    best mouse review ever

  4. You might be interested to know that according to Razer, the Deathadder actually uses infrared. But anyway, thanks for the great link.
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