Final week for C32 Contest Ratings...

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There is just under one week left in the C32 contest judging period. I've
received a bunch of ratings so far which is great. The games in the contest
are short enough that a week is plenty of time to download and play them -
so join in!

The C32 contest page is up at:

You can download the games from that page or directly from the IF-Archive

Dave Bernazzani
The C32 contest is underway!
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    Dave Bernazzani wrote:

    > l

    Sorry, that IF-Archive link got a little munged. It's at:

    Dave Bernazzani
    The C32 contest is underway!
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    <> wrote in message
    > Both of them give me a 404 error presently. (I already voted, just
    > warning you)

    In both, the "l" was line-wrapped out of the link. It works for me by adding
    "l" back to ".html" on the URL.

    ---- Mike.
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