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I recently decided that I want to connect my home computer to my television. I have a 50 inch Panasonic plasma TV with 1366 by 768 resolution (not sure if thats important) and a high end graphics card with VGA output. My question is, would a simple VGA to component (RGB) cable suffice, or would there be some reason that that would not work?

If not, what would I need to buy to make it work?
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  1. Pros USE Stright DVI
    I believe you'll need to under scan (maby I only under scan for my CRT) to your Native Resolution but the Drivers can do that. I guess you could see how the T.V. Handles 720P 1280X720
    Don't go above 60 HZ I think it could mess up your T.V.

    I've never seen a 15 Pin D-Sub to RGB Cable before but you can use the Component out on most modern video cards. I believe it's S-Video to Component.
    I under scan my resolution to 1166X664 or I can't see the start button.
  2. I found a cable that i THINK would do the job, its a HD15, which i assume means 15 pin. However, for some reason it says on the site that it will not work with computer monitor ports, which is very odd, because it appears to be the right connector.

    S-video to component supposedly gives much lower quality, and on a large tv such as this i think it would be noticeable.

    Heres teh cable im interested in:
  3. That looks like it would work, but im still curious as to whether the one i linked would work.
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