Sony vaio power plan is not working

my computer power plan is not working,i put it to sleep in 1 min,but it is not happening
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  1. You can check for updated power management drivers from Sony's support site for your model. Make sure that you have the settings you want setup properly.
  2. It is likely the power drivers. I had a similar issue but once the VAIO self-updated (via Vaiocare) the issue went away.
  3. Blackberryparts said:
    Hey i am having some problems with the graphics when running on batteries.The thing is that whenever i am playing fifa on my pc and the external power is switched off the game slows down and starts hanging up. Can u figure out what the problem is. I have a f series vaio.

    First, do not post your questions in other threads.

    Second, set the power management to full power when on battery. Also check the BIOS, you may need to set an option there not to step down the CPU speed on battery.
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