how long do LCD lasts?

i have heard and seen how LCDs become almost unuseable after awhile of shwoing the same images and i wonder how long do these things lasts for normal usage (not showing logos just personal computing, turns screen of at night)
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  1. well, I've got a 10 year old 486 Laptop with a colour LCD screen that shows no sign of losing quality or reliability... the rest of the damn machine's pretty muchg dead... but the LCD screen is still perfect.... if this is any indication I wouldnt worry
  2. Min 3+ years, any more is just lagniappe...

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  3. LCDs don't have screen burn in the same way CRTs do. For CRTs, the burn is permanent. Once the phosphors are gone, they're gone. For LCDs, though, it's temporary. You can fix it by using the complementary image for a while, or just leaving it off for a while.

    I used the same LCD for about three years, then gave it to a friend, who's still using it.

    Chuck Hsiao
    Formerly of Amptron
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