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which is the fastest antivirus
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  1. I vote for Avira at Rank 1!
  2. +1 fof avira
  3. g data which is bitdefender and avast engines combined!two antivirus engines under 1 hood!
  4. Microsoft security essentials is completely unobtrusive.
  5. +1 for avira for free ones. Else, get Kaperskey/NOD32 or G Data.
  6. With my quad core I don't notice AV at all so sorry don't know personally, but use Avast and it runs completely unnoticed!!
  7. I use and prefer Microsoft Security Essentials myself.
  8. Avast for me.
  9. I'm using NOD, though Microsoft Security Essentials (believe it or not!) provides very good, as well as good performing, protection.

    Symantec have improved their offerings of late, and have made a really big push to emphasize the point... But after experiencing what it did to my sister's comp, I'd have to opine that's kind of like saying "The Gonorrhea burns less than it used to"
  10. Quote:
    Mcafee antivirus is best. I am using it from last one year.

    No thanks. After our company got hit by the .DAT virus this week, that has sworn me off of McAfee forever. How in the world do you allow such an update to be pushed out without testing it? If they did test it, they apparently didn't test it against XP SP3. My laptop was out of commission for over 3 hours before our field services people could figure out what was going. It definitely had the signs of a worm spreading through our corporate network as the "patch" was pushed out to machines all over the corporation.

    Plus, McAfee is a hog. I just don't like it and after this last snafu, they've lost me forever as a customer.

    But, each to his own. If it works for you, great. I just hope they improve their QA procedures because Wednesday was not one of their brightest moments at all.
  11. Kaspersky is the best antivirus.
  12. ricky_critic said:
    Kaspersky is the best antivirus.

    It may be the best, but it caused my boot times to be over 90 seconds and login took another 45 seconds. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it didn't help.

    I've since switched to Avast and have been pleasantly surprised by both it's ability to protect me as well as the limited resources it sucks up. Boot time is around 35 seconds and login is less than 5 seconds now.

    And I know it was Kaspersky because when I uninstalled it, the problems went away. When I put it back on, the problems came back. And, my machine is not old (Phenom II X3 720 BE, 4 gigs of memory).
  13. Go for Avira , NoD32 it's not safe i had problems with it.
  14. bitdefender 2010
  15. AVG is effective
  16. Christinalee said:
    AVG is effective

    Agreed but it's beginning to annoy me with its habit of wanting a system restart after almost every update. It also slows down startup - or at least, after startup. Look in Task Manager as soon as you can after boottime and three AVG processes will be top of the usage list for a good three minutes.

    I know this thread is about the fastest AV but I think it's important to mention that an AV is no longer sufficient. I think systems should also have a strong malware scanner and users should scan with it weekly, after having cleared out the clutter with ATF Cleaner or CCleaner.
  17. Quote:
    which is the fastest antivirus

    I have eset nod 32 and work for me
  18. +1 for Kaspersky, never had a problem (performance and security wise) with it.
  19. NOD32 slipped, used to be the best, now I'm with Avast
  20. I've been hearing good things about Vipre. It's new to the scene, but the few reviews it has are all near perfect.,2817,2326526,00.asp

    one review

    Seems user reviews are all perfect. One of the things I find interested about is it actually has a mini virtual-machine. This VM implements only the Windows APIs that allow programs to take over and transparently loads unknown programs into this VM. So it's fast and transparent. It uses heuristics on these APIs and if it deems a program is "bad", it will lock it down before it can do anything since it's playing in their VM.

    The reviews it did get gave it just under "Excellent" for detecting *known* virii/malware, but they went on to say it detected ALL real time baddies. So what it marginally lacks in scanning, it makes up in detecting new/unknown malware via heuristics and the VM was the icing on the cake since programs had no chance of modifying anything.

    It's also said to be VERY fast. And got a 100% for un-install. Nothing was left, even registry entries. any program that can uninstall correctly gets brownie points from me.

    I plan on buying a "Home" Licence which is ~$50 and covers all computers in your house.
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