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$1k Comparative Laptop - Gaming

Last response: in Laptops & Notebooks
May 14, 2009 1:29:33 PM

Guess I'll follow suit and run down the list.

1. Best: Under $1000 ($1k) dollars. That being said I'm not terribly against going over, but nothing over $1.2k
2. I will have to walk several miles a day with the laptop in my backpack and desk space at college is sometimes a premium. 15"-14" inch range.
3. Something wide-screen, my desktop is 16x10 (1680x1050) - I'd hate to have to look at a 'square' picture.
4. It's an extension of my desktop. I expect it to handle HL2, L4D, SCII, and D3 without any problems - not all maxed obviously.
5. Class is 2 hours roughly, but there are plugs - something 'decent' - around 2 hours would be wonderful.
6. Question 4 pretty much covers this.
7. Aside from gaming, code, photoshop, and word edit - oh and browse the web!
8. I'd say 300GB or greater.
9. Obviously. Also in-store isn't too bad, Bestbuy is close.
10. As long as possible? Anything under - say - a year to two years is unacceptable.
13. The United States.

Unfortunately, this is my first time purchasing a laptop. So I'm not exactly sure what I 'love' about a given weight to size ratio. I've had this Asus laptop recommended to me - and I've seen it suggested here as well. The thing being, I hate the design - and the lights. Also, a friend who bought it has had to send it back and is looking to send it back for the second time; But I think those are his troubles.

I'm looking for a weigh in on the Asus laptop as well as suggestions on better/comparable/cheaper laptops.

Per usual, feel free to request more information.
May 14, 2009 1:44:16 PM

Looks like this MSI GX620 is a good contender as well - feedback on this is welcomed as well.