Snapping noise when recording using SB Live! 5.1

When I record my guitar using line in, there is a snapping noise like this included to the track

It works well when I play, it sounds fine but that snapping noise includes in the recorded track. The sound card worked fine before I installed my new computer. My current driver version is and the sb autoupdate tool can't find any newer versions for it. But the snapping occurs with all versions. There are no problems listening to normal music.

I've tried:
ACPI -> Super PC
Disabling my mobos integral sound chip
Updating drivers
Using different guitar cables/plugs
Using another PCI slot
Using different recording softwares

None of them work. Also, IRQ/IO settings seems to be fine. The ingrated audio chip's line in works well, but is not as good as Live's and it doesn't support headphone config.

Anyone got any ideas? Thanks!

Athlon 64 3000+
Abit KV8
512 MB DDR PC3200
Radeon 9800 pro
WinXP + SP1&SP2
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  1. make sure all other imputs are mutted

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  2. I can only change to the one input I want to use, but I tried to disable all other outputs except master and wav/mp3 but it didn't help. Thanks for trying to help though.
  3. quit snapping your fingers to the beat.

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  4. hmm are u sure ure microphone is mutted
    Try deleting all the old drivers first with driver cleaner 3 and then installing a fresh drivers

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  5. My mic isn't connected to the sound card while I play and in Record Control I can enable only one at a time and since Line In is selected, Mic In is muted.

    Drivers ain't the issue here since I formatted my computer and installed all the drivers but it didn't help.

    Also, I checked processor/memory usage during recording and they are fine so it's not that either.
  6. Make sure you don't have extra stuff running in the background that will access the hard drive. Also, check your swap file size to make sure it's not too small. Other programs accessing the hard drive or resizing of the swap file could be the cause. Also, watch the screen to be sure the noise floor is not to high and that the signal isn't clipping. It's also good to defrag before you record.

  7. Hey Jarrett. My swapfile size is set from 768mb to 1536mb so I guess that isn't the problem? Also, I tried stopping all extra processes from task manager like power strip, norton...any software I could find but it didn't help.

    I also tried switching my old Geforce 3 back but that didn't do the trick either. I've tried recording in Adobe Audition, Cubase and windows recorder, but its crackling with each of them.

    I've always recorded in 44,1khz in Audition. I set it to record in 8khz and the crackling was gone, nada! I don't know what it means and what could be the problem but I hope it might tell you something?

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  8. 8kHz is a pretty low sample rate to be recording at. 44.1kHz, 16 bit is considered "CD Quality", and I wouldn't try to record anything serious below that. The kHz rating pertains to the sample rate the audio is recorded at (44.1kHz = 44100 samples per second). The quality and frequency range decrease proportionally, which is why the crackling may have disappeared.

    OK, I looked at everything you posted before and took another listen to the MP3. It's very remenicent of a pot going bad, cable going bad, cold solder joint inside the guitar, or bad connection (adapter hell). Are you plugging the guitar directly into the soundcard, or is it going through a preamp/processor first? Listen to the guitar through an amp and wiggle the volume and tone controls. If you were going direct, try to preamp it first, or try another guitar or instrument.

    I know it's wierd that this should happen the same time the PC was revamped, but stranger things have happened (those damned gremlins). From everything I'm seeing and hearing, the system shouldn't have an issue recording unless the input got zapped.

  9. Thanks for your reply, jheine.

    I know about the sample rate thing, just tried it out if that would affect and it did. I was just hoping that someone could be able to find the probable answer with that info alone.

    The thing that basically cuts the possibility of external hardware failures is that the mic in does the very same crackling if I use my microphone. With kx drivers the crackling is much less though but the drivers on the other hand souns too robotic and I don't like it. I have never used preamps or DI boxes.

    This is getting sick, nothing seems to work. Maybe my soundcard is broken on that area but works beautifully otherwise. Seems awkward though.
  10. That happens to my audio when I am streaming DV from my camcorder. Solution? I had to unplug my modem from the back of the PC.

    If you are online, disconnect it and try again.
  11. Is your guitar doing this when plugged in there a amp, it could be a ground problem, or maybe electronics. It dosnt sound like its loud enough to be clipping, you could always try running in threw a pre amp.

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  12. this might sound strange but i am also a user using a 5.1 soundblaster and have had a same snapping with the recorder and with cubase and other programs except for... soundforge 5.0

    I think it has to do with a driver compatibility that is not up to 100%, and seems to occur also when the card is using MIDI in the same time it is recording. since then i record all the tracks on audio through soundforge and mix them in into cubase using the cut and paste tricks (import wav file in cubase)

    i never knew what it was for sure but the theory i got out of it is: it works and it is not the card that has a failure. like i mentioned soundblaster is a kind of all round card more for the starting musician then a really professional one for musicians. So might it be that therefore their drivers don't work 100% with all the music recording software? It's only a guess, but i think it is the case.

    Now out of your story it seems to happen out of the blue, like in your new config, though i suppose a driver issue must be the cause (driver conflict with the newer hardware)

    i suppose to try this:

    go for every component in search of the latest driver and especially look out for VIA drivers (i suppose you use an amd-via configuration) as via and creative sometimes dare to give trouble (especially with the older soundblasters since the audigy this has been ways less)

    i have done this for my puter too and it has dissappeared with the downloading of the latest video card driver.

    yes at the end i never did thought that my vid card was responsible for that but it seemed a conflict between the drivers was the cause...

    i hope this will help you out of this trouble

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