Sony laptop startup and boot problems

Hello, a few days ago, I booted up my laptop. It wanted to do a disk check, last time i did one it lasted 2 days, so i exited the disk check. The computer did not resume booting up, so i turned up the computer. Now whenever i turn on my computer, there is no display and the computer goes to sleep after 5 seconds. After the 5 seconds it boots back up by itself and continues to just run there without display.

It is a Sony Vaio just above a year old.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Set the bios to boot the CD drive first
    You can put windows 7 disk in the drive
    start the laptop and select: upgrade.
    this reloads the OS without erasing your programs and files.

    Never buy a computer without the OS on a disk...included.

    If you do not have a disk, you can have a computer store do the recovery for you...
    or buy a disk and DIY.
  2. How do you set the bos to CD drive first? And thanks a lot =]
  3. Just popped in the disc and i could hear it running, but still there was no display. Nothing seems to work :/ ive tried cleaning the RAM, switching the HDD and plugging it in to an external display
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