How do I reinstall a printer installed with Windows Update?

I just went from XP to a new Dell Windows 7. I have a multi-function printer that used CD drivers on XP, but with Windows 7, I had to install the printer with Windows Update and a scan utility from the manufacturer's web site. All of a sudden after a month, I can't scan, so I want to uninstall/reinstall the printer. How do I do this when it was installed with Windows Update? I see a list of drivers in the DriverStore/FileRepository folder. Do I delete those so Windows Update can reinstall them, or were they already there when I bought the computer?
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  1. Can't you just disconnect the printer and then delete it from devices and printers?

    And just curious, does scanning work from Windows Fax & Scan? I don't scan that much from mine but I've always preferred using the built in Windows scanning as opposed to installing 3rd party software.
  2. I already tried that, and it seemed fine, but was still not scanning.

    I have a Brother MFC 8440, Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit, USB connection.

    It won't work with Windows Fax & Scan or any other software. It won't even scan from the printer either using the flatbed or document feeder. So - I'd like to completely remove the device, as if it were never installed, but I see all those Brother drivers in the repository and wonder how clean of an install I can get, and if it's safe to remove them. I can't imagine why it would just stop working.
  3. Here's a few links that may help:

    Those may help you find the entries to delete because you'll need to remove a few registry entries if I remember correctly. There's also the outside chance it's a hardware issue so if you happen to have another computer to try installing it on that might help.
  4. I'm starting to think it might be because of a SmartDefrag I did earlier this week, but I will check out those links. I checked out reviews for Iobit's Smart Defrag, but I'm reading it could act more like malware ... I'm uninstalling it. Thank you for the links! Nothing else makes sense.
  5. Someone suggested installing the regular driver in compatibility mode, so I tried the Brother 64-bit driver for Vista, which didn't work before, but figured why not, I tried almost everything else. Compatibility mode wouldn't even install, the Next button was grayed out, so I just tried again not using compatibility mode, and it still wouldn't install, although I got the "Printer Installed Successfully" alert, so Windows Update must have kicked in when the printer was connected.

    When I installed the printer the very first time after I got the computer, I was able to finish the Vista install at least, even if it didn't work.

    So, I tried to scan in Windows Fax & Scan - and it worked!!! Woo hoo!! No legal size, but the scan utility took care of that. I have NO idea how computers work on the back end, and I have such respect for you guys/girls that do. It must take a huge amount of dedication to stay on top of every new thing going on. Thank you so very much for your help!
  6. I know how to install a printer, I even figured out how to get full function on Windows 7 from the multi-function printer I have without the old XP drivers, NT really, drivers. But the scan function stopped working after a month no matter what I did. I didn't know I could install in compatibility mode, but even that didn't finish installing, but for some reason, the scan is working. There must have been some setting somewhere that clicked back in ...
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