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I have an old Abit KR7A-133R that is beginning to fail. This motherboard comes with an onboard RAID controller based on a Highpoint design (RocketRaid133, I believe). I have another RAID controller (separate card) in another box, but it is based on a Silicon Image chipset (Silcon Image SIL0680). This card is currently operating in JBOD mode with two 40GB WD drives. Is it possible to migrate the existing array from the Abit board (RAID 0, 4 disks) to the Silicon Image controller without data loss, or would the stripe creation process scrub all of the existing data on that array?
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  1. Probally wont go smooth, regardless, back up your data to some other type of media first.

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  2. That's kind of what I figured. Thanks for the reply.
  3. I didnt think moving a RAID array to a seperate RAID card worked at all.
  4. You can't swap between different controller chips, the code used to specify the stripe blocks won't be the same. What you can do, is swap between identical controller chips. You have a HPT372 controller chip which is found in the RocketRAID133 like you say. All you have to do is get a PCI RocketRAID133 card and plug your drives into that. You shouldn't need to recreate the array, the card should detect the array information that's already on the disks.

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  5. Yeah, that was my other option; I kind of wanted to get away without having to buy new hardware. The RocketRaid card is like $70, likely more than replacing that same motherboard.
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