Dell XPS M1330 and Windows XP 64

I have a Dell XPS M1330 laptop and I am trying to install Windows XP x64 on it. I am having a really hard time find drivers for this since Dell seems to only offer Windows Vista Drivers.

I have found the video and ethernet driver so far. I need help finding the Wireless Broadcom BCM4328 a/b/g/n/, BCM2045, and Base System Device(s), Intel 82801H HD Audio Controller.

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  1. I found the wireless in a zip file that uncompress the following folder bcm4328 kind of useless, sorry. I need the audio Intel 82801H HD Audio Controller, BCM2045 and Intel 82801H SMBUS Controller
  2. I just found the audio. I need the BCM2045 and SM Bus Controller.
  3. XP x64 is the least supported of all of Microsoft's current OSs. I'm won't be surprised if the drivers don't even exist.
  4. frozenlead, It took a really long time but I found them all.

    I had to remove Linux and Ubuntu from my Google search to get closer to finding the drivers. The following is an example.

    BCM2045 intel windows xp x64 -linux -ubuntu

    When that failed I would try the same string that Dell used to describe the driver. This usually dump me back to a page at Dell site that actual had the driver for Windows XP x64. Dell does a really good job at making this difficult for XP x64 users to find correct drivers. This was my most successful at attain the drivers.

    SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio windows xp x64 -linux -ubuntu

    The last technique I used was to right click on the device conflict with the device manager and look at the weird string it has for identification of the hardware and Use a small portion of it not all of it. I then went to Google and tried the same search, using that string. Example

    e2301&someothercrap windows xp x64 -linux -ubuntu

    Google has become more difficult to find drivers for Windows since Ubuntu and other Unices have become more popular this is why I add the following to my Google search “-linux -ubuntu”. People are taking the same hardware and switching the O.S. to some flavour of Unix. This is also my preferred way but sometimes you just need to install Windows if you are in a production mode.

    When it comes down to it. I possible could have tried one of those driver search software but I did not want to install any additional software or purchase any more and those things look like they will install spyware.
  5. Usually you can ndis wrapper windows drivers - but I haven't done that for a few years now. Glad to see you found them.
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