Can PC speakers be connected to TV or DVD player?

I have a set of Altec Lansing ADA995 5:1 speakers that I would like to connect to my TV, DVD player or digital cable box. The speakers all plug into the subwoofer and the subwoofer plugs into the PC's sound card.

There is a little twist on that part, though. The subwoofer has 3 of those little headset type connectors. One is green (standard), one is black and one is yellow. I've never used the speakers, but from what I could tell from the Dell website, the two extra plugs all plug into the sound card to provide the full surround sound experience.

My TV, DVD player and digital cable box all use RCA connectors. I think there is also a digital sound connector on the cable box.

Is it possible to use a converter or some sort of cable combinations to connect the speakers and get the 5:1 experience?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Doesn't ANYONE have any ideas?
  2. so your speakers use the standard 3.5mm mini jacks and you want to use RCA connectors. if you can perhaps you could find some mini jack to rca wires. i think you do get female mini jack to male rca connectors from someplaces. try your local electronics or perhaps even hi-fi store and ask what they got.

    it is always easier of there are digital connections.

    i have only connected my speakers up to my bor's PS2 for fun. however, it involved connecting the ps2 to my laptop then the speakers hooked up normally to my laptop and using the Spfid pass through. it did work surpringly enough.

    still, i think in your case it is all about connection compatability.
  3. Quote:
    Doesn't ANYONE have any ideas?

    i do... i know you can but you need certain connectors for it.
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