How to auto boot my 64 bit system

I have a 64 bit system on my main drive and a 32 bit system on my secondary hard drive. When I start my computer it asks me which operation system I want to start windows in and I choose 64 bit. My hard drive with the 32 bit system is corrupted and I haven't used it in months so I want to remove it from asking me which system to run. I want the 64 system to automatically start without me needing to choose it. How do i do that?
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  1. This is a Bios problem. Restart computer, immediately keep tapping the F2 and the Bios screen will appear. You can only use ARROW keys to navigate. Read instructions at bottom of screen (different Bios have different ways to navigate and change settings) check each tab for reference to your 32 bit drive and change accordingly. "Save and Exit" it will then restart itself with your new Bios settings. A word of caution... write down all changes from and to so if things go wrong you can re-set the Bios by rebooting and pressing F2. Let me know it that works.
  2. ignore him

    what you need to do is

    start menu - run (or windows key + r)

    type msconfig

    then click on boot, click the 64 os then set as default, delete the otherone and for good measure set the timeout to 0
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