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GSA-4120B won't spin up discs

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October 13, 2004 7:06:37 PM

I bought a GSA-4120B DVD-RW drive for my home theater system from It quit working on the first use, and so I got an
RMA for another one, which also quit working on the first use.

Here's my system:
Abit NF7-S2G Athlon xp3200
2x256mb Geil DDR pc3200
PowerColor Radeon 9700pro
Seagate ST3160827AS
LG GSA-4120B
Thermaltake 410w PS
ATI HDTV wonder
Windows XP pro

I used the drive to setup the system with no problems. I had a lot of
trouble with the ATI HDTV wonder (everyone does) and decided to do a
clean install after solving some unrelated problems. After the first
reboot the machine stopped because I had left the Serial ATA driver disk
in the floppy drive. I removed it and the system hung at "boot cdrom:".
Usually it will ask you to "press any key to boot from cd" if it detects
a bootable cd. I ejected the cd tray and the os continued to boot, but
when it got to the point where it needed the cd again a message popped
up asking me to insert the xp cd. The xp cd was in the drive! I rebooted
several times with no success. It would just skip past the bootcd
message without trying. The BIOS detects the drive fine and windows
detects it fine. I removed the cover at work and inserted a cd with
power connected but no data cable. It never even tries to spin up.

I finally gave up and rma'd the drive back to zipzoomfly. I ordered a
second drive which worked for a few days. I burned about 6 dvds without
a problem. I had another issue with the ATI HDTV wonder and decided to
rebuild the os one last time. The new dvd drive died at the exact same
spot (the boot cdrom: prompt) the exact same way the first one did. I
wanted to throw it out the window.

I did some research and decided to try and update the firmware.
It updated just fine from A102 to A111 but it still refuses to spin up.
I am going to have to rma this drive as well.

Does anyone have a clue what's going on here?

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October 13, 2004 7:40:30 PM

well hmm i think its not the dvdrw
probbably electrical?????????
unplug replug all cables?
how do u like ure hdtv wonder
do you get a lot of channels?

<A HREF="" target="_new">My Rog</A>
October 13, 2004 10:03:10 PM

I guess I should have mentioned that I can load XP the exact same way on this same setup with 2 other drives with no problems so I don't think it is an electrical least not an issue with any of the other equipment.

Once I finally got the HDTV wonder software installed and working properly, it is a really nice piece of equipment imo. I receive a dozen or so channels. I was mainly interested in getting the WB in HD. I know I also get UPN, KETC, and the other major channels.