Triangulating a stolen Laptop through its WiFi

My Samsung N148 Plus Netbook was stolen yesterday. :cry: :cry: :cry: I was wondering if I could triangulate its position using my Android phones' and my other laptop's wifi. Is there a software which shows a 2D map of WiFi devices nearby? Not Access points, but WiFi devices nearby.

TRACKING SOFTWARE:The laptop had no tracking softwares like PREY, etc. But it has Quick Heal Total Security 2012. And Quick Heal released a site which tracks laptop based on its MAC addresses. The MAC address "list" of the laptop is collected when the QH software was first activated on the laptop.

As for the fact that it may have been sold on ebay or something, nope. It can't be done. Because this is India. If it changes hands, it will be done in person.

I really don't know if I should be posting here in this section but then again, I'm pretty desperate to get my laptop back.

Please help!


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  1. no its not possible sorry. All network addresses are logical and cannot reliable be translated into a physical location
  2. Tracking software may report the network the laptop is connected to and do triangulation and report it, but you don't have that so out of luck. Its not going to be broadcasting to other devices.

    The quickheal/ is more of a country wide report it stolen database by the sound of it, not any sort of tracer . So if police get their hands on a possibly stolen laptop they.can lookup who it belongs to, and people buying used can check as well. They should have your Mac address on file from the sound of it. So by all means log in there and make sure you list it stolen or whatever. Its probably gone for good but maybe you'll get lucky and the person buying will check.
  3. your best best is call the laptop vendor and have them flag the laptop as stolen..if they call in for help and give the unit stolen number to the vendor or the laptop shows up in the repair depot you may get it back.
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