Hey everone im just wondering if these parts are all compatible, also i was curious if i should go with the low latency corsair or get some OCZ with the amd system. Thanks chad

Thermaltake Xaser w/Hardcano fan controller
OCZ 520 watt psu
Asus A8V Deluxe(v.2.0)
AMD 3500+ 90nm
TT Pipe 101 heatsink
TT Silent Cat 92mm CPU fan
CORSAIR XMS Xtra-Low Latency 2 2 2 5
Gainward 6800GT Golden Sample
Maxtor 300GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive 16mb
Pioneer DVD+RW/-RW
SONY Black 1.44MB 3.5
ViewSonic P95F+B 19"
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