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right basically i want a decent widescreen to use with my pc and xbox 360 and may nintendo wii , now the only thing which is starting to confuse me is the 360 (which i dont own yet but planing ahead) is it worth the hdmi connection or going for vga hd if the quality is their. ive been looking Dell Ultrasharp 2007WFP but ive heard about this panel lottery anyways i just want a couple of opinions before i buy

sorry if the question seemed a bit conscrewed but i hope you get the idea
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  1. With the Dell, you'll either get a top of the line IPS (really expensive) or a midrange PVA (still good), so you would probably be ok with a Dell.
  2. DELL is not so good when it comes to wide monitors

    you should look for better monitors from viewsonic or samsung.

    maybe you should even consider moving to size 22 since they are very

    popular these days and cost almost the same as size 20.
  3. I really enjoy my 24" widescreen Dell... and next PC considering the 27"...
    best quality with zero dead pixels... and reviews do not pixel it shabbily either...
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