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What I'm looking for: I need an extremely portable system for basic notes, movies, and basic browsing. I needs to have a good battery life. Right now I'm using my alienware m17 and that is just way too huge to lug around and I'm lucky to get 5 hours out of it. I'm looking at tablet hybrids like the Surface. I love the entertainment aspects of tablets, but I really do need a physical keyboard to get any work done. I was waiting for the Surface pro to run all my windows software, but at the price point and half the battery of the RT I'm going to have to pass.

The Question: Iv'e see other tablet laptop hybrids, but I have not been able find any good comparisons. For my purposes, is the Surface RT sufficient? Are there other hybrids running Windows 8 pro with good battery life and form factor?
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    Coming soon. Microsoft surface with win 8 pro @699.
  2. I swear I'm not trying to spam here, just bringing it up as a possible solution to your question.

    The Asus Taichi might be something worth looking into. Not exactly sure when it is set to come out, but it's like taking a Zenbook and adding a tablet on top. I know it can be difficult to evaluate a product that hasn't been released yet, but it may be something worth keeping an eye on. About a week ago I got to play with an advance model for a few minutes, so they can't be too far from hitting stores.
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