Creative Zen M or Zen V Plus

After reading many reviews and user opinions, I have narrowed my MP3 player purchase to either the Creative Zen M or Zen V Plus. I realize the Zen M has a hard drive and holds 30 gig.


My concern with the Zen M is its performance while I workout, ride a bike or rollerblade. I am assuming that jogging/running with the Zen M is out of the question.

Does anyone have advice on this?

Thank you,
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  1. flash memory is better for this type of use, if you are looking at creative they also have zen nano which might be the best for this type of use.
  2. I’ll probable go with Zen’s flash memory device. The Zen Nano is only one gig, not enough space for me. The Zen M, only 4 gig is not large enough for me either, but it will have to do for my purposes.

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