How can I play older games on windows 7 full screen

I have an HP computer with Windows 7 and a Radeon 7450 video card. Many of the older games only run in a minimized screen, and there is no option for full screen. I need them to run in full full screen. Can you help?
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  1. While game running, try pressing alt+enter
  2. bluegold316 said:
    While game running, try pressing alt+enter

    Thanks bluegold316 for your advice. By pressung alt/enter, the screen does go to "full screen". But, full screen on this computer shows an even smaller playing screen, but with a full black backround instead of the desktop as a backround. With full screen off, the playing screen is about 15% larger. Compatability settings don't seem to help.
  3. Many older games had fixed resolutions.
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