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Hey, i am running an alienware m15x with a 8800m-gtx video card and a Core2 duo xtreme x-9000. I have done everything I can to upgrade each driver (drivers off nvidia site, automatic download, as well as driver cd) for both, however my 3d mark 06 scores are pathetic:

3d marks 3533
sm 2.0- 1672
sm 3.0 - 1715
cpu score 729

I recently reinstalled vista on it and have had trouble finding drivers, but now vista says everything is up to date, and I have also gotten drivers off of the nvida site.
What could be causing such low numbers?
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  1. Have you checked your temps lately?
  2. Check all of your power profile settings. If they are all set to max battery life, it may throttling your system.
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