My computer will not recognize my CD ROM drive (the D drive).

my computer will recognize the drive but not the disc in it. i am running windows 7.
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  1. What type of disc do you have in it? Is it a cd or dvd,if it's a dvd it won't be able to see it.
  2. i have a cd in it.
  3. Is it showing as ok in the device manager?
  4. i have a cd in it.
  5. Try to uninstall it from within the device manager then reboot the computer.
  6. IT will REINSTALL on the REBOOT.
  7. and if i am successful, do i then reinstall it?
  8. ok i will try it.
  9. it did not work. i can not find the drive in device manager or window explorer, under computer. what now
  10. I think you need a new drive,how old was this one.Is it ide or sata.
  11. i finally found the drive and add new drivers to it. it is working now, thanks!
  12. Cool glad it's working.Have a great day.
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