DVD-RW Help!! Hookup problems

Hi all...
I have a problem that I can't seem to solve, either with Dell's tech. support, or with a few of my more knowledgeable friends.

I have just put in a new DVD-RW burner (NEC 3500) which I bought OEM from newegg. I swapped it out for my CD-RW drive, so I have hooked up my new drive exactly as I did the other. All I did was to trade my CD-RW for the new DVD-RW. So, I have the original DVD-ROM drive, and now the DVD-RW burner.

When I boot up, I get the message "cannot recognize secondary Harddrive." Also, now, I get no initial BIOS recognition of either the old DVD-ROM drive or the new one. They are powered up, the lights go on, they open, but the system does not know they are there. This seems to precluse any master/slave issues, as the computer does not even know they are part of the system, other than to power them up.

My friend told me to check the cables running both to the drives and to the motherboard, which I did. They are seated corrently.

I don't think I can say that the new DVD-RW burner is bad, becuase it lights, and now the system won't even read my old DVD-ROM, which was working fine before.

Can anyone give me any sort of clues? I can't even run a software diagnostic, becuse the drives aren't even booted up. I ran XP's Hardware detector, but no dice, which I would expect.

I thought this stuff was all pug and play magic...

Forgive my ignorance, but can someone please help?

Thank you very much.
Please send replies to dwolsko@patmedia.net, and thanks again for any help you can be.

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  1. Check to make sure that in installing the new drive you didn't bump loose the IDE cable - check to make sure it's connected to the motherboard and both optical drives.

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  2. Sounds like a Master/Slave issue to me, regardless of the fact you "think" those are precluded.

    Set the new drive to the same exact setting as the old, which is probably Cable Select. Dell might make you go a step farther and enter/exit BIOS to have the setting stick.

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  3. You were absolutely right. It was a master-slave issue. I physically changed the drives and hooked them up opposite of wat they were. The new DVD-RW drive likes to be the master. Everything is fine. This just goes to show me how I shouldn't think so much sometimes!

    I also checked the cables, to make sure I didn't jog somehting loose again.

    Thank you for helping. I really appreciate it.
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