Win98SE and SATA

Does Win98SE support SATA hard drives?

The reason I ask this question is because I cannot install win98se on a sata hdd. If I disconnect the sata hdd and install win98se on a ide hdd, everything installs fine. After I install all the drives, I restart the machine and reconnect the sata hdd, but still boot windows from the ide hdd. When win98se starts, I get a blue screen that the hdd controller is using child drivers and the machine will boot into compatibility mode.

What is going on?

Soltek 250Gb
AMD 3000+
256 meg ram
6800 Standard
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  1. I did manage to get win98se to access the my SATA HDD after a while, took fiddling around though after installing SATA drivers & several reboots

    (if partitioning... do not let XP do it (ie 'manage' it), just doesnt work under 98se, use fdisk instead)

    Trust me I know what I'm doing... ooops, grab the cat...
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