SamSung DLP? Which is the best to upgrade after 14 yrs?

I turn to the group for your suggestion. I'm finally upgrading my tv from a Proscan 14 yrs ago to a new one. I'm a big gamer, I've done my research on the SamSung DLP tv's, but I really wanted an LCD. So which is better? LCD or DLP?


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  1. Neither is better per say, it depends more on the actually set. Both have
    advantages over the other in different areas. Focus more on a TV you like the picture on more than whether it's LCD/DLP.

    Samsung tends to be ranked in the middle of the pack for picture quality.
  2. As much as I might want to like a DLP for the price, if you simply compare an LCD or Plasma to a projection TV in the store, the difference is very noticeable (with the projection tvs looking far worse in terms of picture quality).
  3. That's why I said focus on a TV with the picture you like, not whether it's
    LCD, DLP, or whatever. Also, it's hard to judge what it looks like in the store
    side by side. Who knows how they set it up, and how many people have
    played around with it. Find a couple sets you like and adjust the picture to
    your tastes.
  4. I'm looking for picture quality, the ProScan I have currently was ahead of it's time and it's only comparable to the Sony Wega.
    I have looked up reviews on the latest Sony DLP, it has very high ratings. One of my co-workers has last yeas model, he states that it's by far better than any LCD or Plasma on the market.

    The real question, is this true and is a rear projection DLP better than an LCD/Plasma? I know that the LCD's and plasma's have the burn in feature, which is not something I am looking for.

    This is the model I have had my eye one.
    It was highly recommended by another tech. Any thoughts on this vs LCD/PLASMA. As far as I know this model outdoes most projectors. 1920x1080p

    Any suggestions?

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