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I am currently looking into a program to intentional fragment a hard drive and can not find one. Does anyone know of a shareware or 3rd party utility to perform a controlled fragment of a drive?
We are testing different defrag routines at work working on HP servers, typical 30+ GB RAID 5 configured drives running on Windows 2000 Server.

Any help would be appreciated.


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  1. Executive Software, Diskeeper for XP, 2000, Pro, and Server.

    Trialware version is available for download, and it works on RAID arrays and across networks.

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  2. I'm sorry, I must not have been clear enough. I am looking for a program to fragment a drive, not to defragment a drive. I have a healthy defragment 30 GB drive, I want a unhappy heavy fragement drive after running some utility so I can then test different defragment software.
  3. First time I've ever heard of someone wanting to FRAGMENT a drive!

    I guess you could just install a lot of programs, move a lot of data around, delete a lot of stuff, etc. until you get a "healthy" level of fragmentation.

    But I've never heard of a program to fragment a drive.

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  4. It seems nobody wants to distribute such a program. I've only found two references through Google, and they created the app in-house to do testing. These companies make a living testing and certifying, and one was co-authored with Executive Software, makers of DiskKeeper. Not one offered up the utility, and I spent hours searching. I've looked for the same thing to test the diferent defrag apps on my systems, and never came up with anything. I never got around to testing them.

    Try this - set up a system with 3 or 4 drives, all mirrored (RAID 1). Install Windows 2000 or XP. Place it on a broadband connection. Do not install WP SP2. Download some patches, but not all. Increase your cache to 10GB Surf the net so that every spyware program installs itself. Load MS Office, get a virus. Clear the cache, download a movie and some MP3s. Surf some more, install useless Gator apps, reinstall office. Download another move and more apps. Then after a week of heavy use, run spybot to rid some spyware, empty cache, download another movie and some jpegs, and install antivirus. Clear the cache, and use for another week or two, constatly adding and erasing large and small files. You should have 3-4 nicely fragmented drives in no time. Break the mirror and test each drive separately. I never tried this myself, but it could work. If I had the extra drives I probably would try this myself.

  5. I know this is a VERY old topic, but since it was hit number 1 in google I figured I should come back here and post the solution I found.

    Another forum linked me to a defragger called whitney defrag, but the link was dead.
    Searching for that app, the new link was:,guid,ce99367e-158c-487a-879d-b32145cc1957.aspx

    This under 100K file has the ability to defragment drives as one would expect, but has an added functionality of what it refers to as "shotgun" mode. The shotgun mode will do what it implies, it will take all the files matching your file mask and shoot bits of them all over the drive.

    I hope this post helps somebody,

  6. Hi there.

    Though this is the first time I've heard of anyone wanting to fragment their drives, I think I may have found the solution.

    It is freeware, so I am not sure on the reliability of it.

    Here is the desciption, I will also post the link where I found it.

    Fragger has been created to test the effectiveness of disk defragmentation applications by creating a very large amount of fragmented files on user-selected drives.

    This application will put Windows, its I/O system, and the associated disk I/O hardware under great strain and you should only use it on healthy hardware.


    · Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

    Here's the link:
  7. I think this topic has gotten quite serious in spite of Sandy Bridge CPT screw-up. That's probably the best solution to stress-test I/O controller.

    I killed two X25-E (intentionally) in matter of hours with this tool.
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