Got my first SSD, Windows is installed on both my hard drives.

Hi all, new here so i wasnt sure were to post this!

I just got a new SSD drive to use as my main drive with windopws installed on it. So i formatted the drive and then just put in my Windows CD and installed windows to my new SSD. I thought doing this would wipe out everything from my HDD drive and just set up the SSD as the main drive - but apparently not!

I have all my data backed up.

Everytime i turn on my PC it comes up with which OS do i want to load, and it has my two copies of windows 7 listed. How can i just uninstall windows from my old HDD and get that to just be my media drive?

Sorry for the long question, if i didnt say any vital info, just let me know and il answer it :)

Thanks all!
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  1. So take out the HDD, re install windows on the SSD, plug the HDD back in and format it?

    That will make my SSD the main drive and it will automatically boot from there yes? :)
  2. should have disconnected the old hdd and only connected the ssd when installing windows to it

    now both drives are on the boot record

    either disconnect the old hard drive and re-install windows to the ssd then connect the old hard drive and format it

    or disconnect the old hard drive--this will make the ssd unbootable

    and use the windows disc to rewrite the boot record to the ssd

    start windows 7 on the ssd reconnect the old hard drive then format it
  3. yes :D

    make sure to set ahci in the bios before re-installing to ssd if its not ahci already

    just unplug the sata cable to the hdd install to the ssd reconnect sata cable after booting to the ssd then format hard drive

    if you connect the hard drive before booting then you will have to pick which drive to boot from in the bios or a boot menu

    doesnt take long to re-install to ssd anyway

    its because you had both drives connected when installing windows--it writes both to the boot record
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