help in picking out some speakers for new build.

I am putting together a new computer soon. It will have a sound blaster live card in it.

I have found a Logitech 5.1 Surround Speaker System (X-540) for $75 canadian.
Are these good speakers for the price. or can i get other speakers for the same price or lower with better sound quality.
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  1. My post is just above yours, and is basically asking for the same thing. I have a few picked out that might cover what you want, but need more assurance by theese other forum members...ehemm...where are they?
    lol :lol:
  2. it depends on what you are after and what your standards are. i replied to wills thread and said that a stereo set will do him fine and if he is not bothered about surround they will be.

    still, you get what you pay for so with that set don't expect too much.

    IMO, a set of creative or logitechs for pc gaming is fine, true i would prefer the more expensive options but if you are on a budget they will do fine.

    still the frequency response and power ratings are mostly lies and i do not like those dual driver sat's or small subs. that is my preference.

    the best way to decide would be to go to your local shop and try some out.
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