Flying Laptop Kills Woman in Car Accident

This really sucks: a young woman involved in a relatively minor car accident was killed when her unsecured laptop crashed into the back of her head. Words from her mother: "The lap top [sic] was in a knapsack and hung over the back seat and swung up like a slingshot."

Wow, I'm keeping my laptop in the trunk from now on!

Woman killed by laptop in Surrey crash
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  1. Well, in that case, the laptop didn't really kill her, the bag did. The notebook was just deadweight.
  2. Good point. All I know is that I'm keeping my laptop in the trunk from now on!
  3. It was only an accident, and it was exactly happened that the laptop fly over the head of the woman. This is the event happening that it was only an accident. We can accept this car accident because no one can like it happen.
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