Sony 1600HT (d1626) w/bnc @1600X1200 make

I have a video card w/dvi. I do have an adapter dvi/ Fdb15. However my monitor has a female plug and the wire is male/female I bought w/it.
Should I buy a bnc cord?
Will it display better cg? I hear only high res' make a diff. 1600X1200 is the only logical high res Id use.
specs for the comp I'm buying Core2
Mushkin 1gb
680w apevia
a simple poll answer would be nice
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  1. and I'm gonna paint it CHrome
  2. Officemax (or something) is going out in Fullerton. So I showed up, and found this bnc cord sitting there, pulled it out and it has rca looking jacks on the opposite end, :x wtf connects to that end?
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