BSOD lately...

Lately I have been getting BSOD and I'm just wondering if anyone can help me out with what I need to do to fix it. I just built my computer in July so it is fairly new.

I've taken some pictures and here are what they show me.

Error message:

Technical Information:

*** bthport.sys

*** btwavdt.sys

If you need more info please let me know.

Any help is greatly appreciated, this is annoying me beyond imaginable.
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  1. It looks like that's the standard Windows BT driver causing your problem. Have you loaded the hardware specifics drover, latest version, from your hardware manufacturer's web site ?

    Always use manufacturer's hardware drivers in lieu of standard generic windows drivers.....never let Windows update install any hardware drivers.
  2. I have a Rocketfish bluetooth adapter that a bought at Best Buy. I used the disk to install the drivers. I just went to the Rocketfish website and downloaded drivers from this website: .

    Is there anything else I should do? I guess I won't really know if its fixed until, if at all, BSOD again.
  3. stress test the ram with open hardware monitor to check temps. run prime95 to see if you can force an error.
  4. Run memtest86 to make sure its not a RAM problem. But given the BT driver crashed both times.. did this problem occur before you got the Bluetooth adapter?
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