Slave converted from fat32 to ntfs is slow HELP!!!

Converted my slave drive from fat32 to ntfs little did i know that the cluster size is only 512k and it takes a huge performance hit, my primary drive is 4096 and they only way to get the slave drive to 4096 is to format. Well im have problems getting the dam thing formatted, in windows and the command line is a no go, it says the drive is in use. I need a bootable cd, i have no floppy drive, tryed ultimate boot cd cant get it to boot. Anyone know where i can get simple boot cd or a another method of formatting in windows?

athlon 64 3000 (stock)
evga 6800GT (stock)
asus K8N-E deluxe nforce 3 250gb mobo
1 gig XMS corsair memory
80GB Maxtor HD
Lite-on DVD/CD RW
sound blaster audigy 2 zs
antec SLK3700 350w
Windows XP SP2, directx 9.0c, Nvidia 65.73 forceware drivers
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  1. Hi,

    Since your running XP did u look at the tools available?

    Control Panel -> Admistrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management -> .. Right click on the partition and select format.

    Also <A HREF=" " target="_new"> </A>
    Also <A HREF=" " target="_new"> </A>

    Not what u want then try to google it.

    The loving are the daring!
  2. Might I suggest:

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Norton PartitionMagic™ 8.0</A>

    It's very nice to have a copy on hand, just for situations like this one.

    Copies can be found on the Web if you are willing to do a little searching around. Not advocating anything, you understand ... just thought I'd mention it.


    <A HREF="" target="_new"><font color=green>My System Rigs</font color=green></A>

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  3. Use the control panel, Administrative tools, Disk Management. If you try to go to My Computer, and right click Format, it never works. Have to do it from Administrative tools. Just reformatted my 80 GB (the backup drive) like that.

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