What is causing this Windows Experience Index Error

I have never gotten this to work on any of my desktop computers once I upgrade them. On the laptops, it runs fine every time. The error happens at the end and gives the normal "could not measure storage performance. error: failed to properly assess the disk. The parameter is incorrect."

I hate microsoft and their error messages that tell you NOTHING!!!!

The computer is running win7 64 bit i7-2600 chip with 8 gigs memory. I have 5 internal HD's and often have wondered if THAT could be the problem. I actually have 5 internal and 4 external drives with a total 12TB's drive space.. I built this computer and the main drive is 1.5TB drive partitioned.... COULD this possibly be the cause...the fact that it's more than one drive and or the fact the main drive is so big and or partitioned?

I really don't care if this ever gets fixed, but if anyone has any answers...I would appreciate them as I am curious to see how kick ass this computer became after I upgraded everything.. The computer came with an i3 chip, 2gigs memory, 120 gig drive, 1 fan... I have severely increased everything and just would like to know the new number...

Thanks if any help....

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  1. The only fix I've seen for that is to delete all previous index ratings data, which I understand you may not wish to do since you'll then have no performance data to compare.

    But if you do wish to go ahead:

    Open an Explorer window and in the address bar paste this line:

    Click the "Go" arrow on right, or press <Enter>
    All previous index score files are here, delete all of them.
    Your Windows Experience Index will now show all categories as "Unrated", but it should work now.
  2. Phil22: I did that, and when I ran it again, it didn't give an error, wrote 3 new files to that folder, but gave NO score... So I ran again, and ERROR. I deleted the 3 new files, and still only gives the ERROR now...no new files written, no score still..

    I keep thinking maybe I should test without all the extra drives...but seriously, if MS created that to NOT work with more than one drive, then it's crap and means nothing anyway... And if it doesn't work with multi drives, you would think they would SAY that somewhere... So it's hard to believe it doesn't...or doesn't with certain sized drives...

    And of course, THEY are no help at all with this problem...
  3. I've had no problems with multiple hard drives. I would try using only one hard drive to see if that fixes your problem. If not if try using a disk image of your OS and try it on another hard drive. I agree, that makes no sense and that shouldn't cause an error. If anything if you can try talking to MS about it and see if they got a fix for it.
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