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Hey, im new to this forum and just wondering does ram speed like ddr compared to ddr2 or various speeds in between them acturally matter when playing on high end games, i know that how much quanity you have does have a positive affect on systems with more ram for games like doom 3 and half life 2. But if you have a high end graphics card (nvidia 6800 ultra) and a fast cpu does it acturally also count on ram speed, just a thought i wanna know before i upgrade my system, cheers, smithy.
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  1. DDR2 RAM is currently only compatable with the latest Intel based motherboards. AMD motherboards don't support it.

    RAM speed does matter, if you are not overclocking then you need to buy RAM rated to run at the same speed as your processors FSB. For example if you have a AMD 2800+ XP chip you would need to buy PC2700 (DDR333)RAM. If you have a 3200+ then you would need PC3200 (DDR400) RAM.

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  2. PC3200 can be used instead of PC2700. Since the price is within a $1 most of the time get the PC3200. You may be able to use it in a new processor sometime in the future.

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  3. well i dont need to worry about ram rated cos im running a 2.8ghz intel, 800fsb. Orderd a £240 cooling system from h2o-computers so i'll i can overclock at reasonable high levels. I've just been reading about ddr's bandwidth vs latency articles and i think a 2-4% increase in performance is not worth the fuss on high prise latency and if im planning to overclock, extreme timings wid restricted bandwidth wont help, i know that they make it up by sorting the data faster. I wanna ask Will dual memory ddr restrict me from overclocking because of the high fsb it offers??
  4. ...and also will a really really smart guy you knows crap loads about memory. please give me some knowledge on what i should look (memory) for if im planning to overclock and use my computer for extreme gaming and what diffence it will make??..cos im confused
  5. A 2.8C with D1 stepping should run great at 3.4 to 3.5ghz with a 1.6v Vcore. A 2.8C with MO stepping will hit 3.6ghz with less Vcore. You'll want PC4000 or some of the new Samsumg or Micron infested PC3200 sticks to do this. Start your timings at 3,4,4,8 and work down from there once you hit your desired speed. Crucial Ballistix should do nicely for you in either PC3200 or PC4000 flavor. Your stock heatsink will cool OK, but it will whine like a Jewish wife in a Chevy at high speed. Get a Zalman 7000 AlCu for quiet cooling.

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  6. HoooEeeevvvveeeerrr told you speed matters, obviously did not have anything in there, cause, honey, it is all in how much ya got, an how long it'll do it.

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