Spilled Juice All Over Laptop

Well, it finally happened. I knew it would, ... to me, ...someday. It happened last night. I got home from work really late, about 10PM. My wife placed some pizza and a glass of juice in front of me. I bumped into the glass. It poured itself, literally, poured itself, into the laptop. An entire glass of cranberry juice went into the laptop. HER laptop which she dearly loves.

I unplugged it as quickly as I could. Of course, it has an internal battery, so it kept running. I pulled the battery out. It went dark and quiet.

I wiped it off. I tipped it on end to let the juice drain out. I shook it to get more juice out. I didn't know what to do. I could imagine all that juice and sugar drying out all over everything. I decided to run some water over it to flush out the juice and sugar before it dried. It seemed to work, in that after a few tries, the water ran out clear. I set it aside, on end, to let it dry out inside.

After drying overnight, I set it in the sun this morning for a few hours to warm it up. Then, I brought it into the house and put the battery back in. The fan comes on full blast but that is it. It is dead.

Can it be resurrected? What should I do? Should I disassemble it and clean the parts? Should I take it to a shop for repair?

Should I look at this as an opportunity and just shop for a new laptop?
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  1. :o :o :o :o

    I'm going to be completely blunt.

    where did you go to school? did your parents teach you that water+electricity don't mix? Why would you do it PURPOUSLY?

    moreso, why would you put it OUTSIDE where there is MORE STATIC ELECTRICITY. Water+Static=ULTRASTATIC. :non:

    sorry about your computer bro. i don't mean to be insulting but come on. :kaola:

    :) In honest help, i don't think it can be ressurected. I'd look for another one.
  2. lololol! melinapayne, that was funny.............. and completely wrong.

    melinapayne & all,

    After nothing more than a little more drying time, the computer has completely recovered. I am very gratified and relieved and so is my wife (happy wife, happy life).

    I am still concerned about things like the DVD drive and the HDD. Because it is functioning, I assume the HDD was not affected. The DVD has yet to be tested. Any residual stickiness in a mechanical drive,...

    What should I do to complete the recovery?
  3. i learned this one today. take out the HDD and DVD drive and put them in rice for 2 hours. all moisture absorbed. Seems odd, but srsbzn. it worked with my iphone!!!! and that's a touch screen!
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