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Testing Hardrives

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October 26, 2004 1:49:17 PM

I am trying to find out if there is a way to test a hardrive. The problem is my machine run slow with Win XP and Win ME - tested the graphics card and all. The only other part is the hardrive. Spec: PIII 1Ghz - 256 RAM - 30G HD - 64MB Graphics

Please help...


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October 27, 2004 1:35:21 AM

Winbench 99 is a good program for that.

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October 27, 2004 2:44:58 AM

I use HD Tach or Sisoftware, but perfer HD Tach.
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October 27, 2004 1:24:19 PM

256 RAM

You might need more RAM for XP...

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November 4, 2004 9:58:52 AM

I've added more Ram and seems to be better. And then could not download the software they mentioned to use for the testing bits (previous reviews) - The only link I could find on the web didnt work....mmmm
November 4, 2004 3:25:07 PM

Another thought...have you run a virus scan?

If your drives are WD, you can get diagnostic tools at their site. Other makers probably have similar tools.

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November 4, 2004 3:52:26 PM

When your hard drive fails, one of the first signs is erectdrive disfunction.

It is fatal.

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