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I've got a problem.
First of all I'm dealing a Pentium 3 at 450Mhz with 2 pieces
of Ram (64 and 128).
Now I will give you some information about the other components, and some may sound childish, but you can choose
from them.
Here is what is written on the motherboard

PC 99 Connection

I think on the processor is written :
Xcel 2000

Finally on the Ram of 64 :
PC 100 Compliant

Now, the problem : I've pulled out my 64 Ram and can't put it back in.I opened (unproperly used) the 2 white "holders"
of the RAM and pushed it back but it doesn't seem to fit (or
maybe it does...anyway when I start my computer now, instead of 192Ram it says 131 Ram). Is there a trick ?
Please help me, I know it sounds stupid but I've ran out of solutions and I'm new to hardware....
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  1. RAM usually goes in pretty tight...just make sure you line up the notch on the RAM with the notch on the motherboard making sure the two latches are in the open position, then give it a fair amount of downward force until you hear it 'click' into place. Be careful when install RAM, but also make sure it's firmly in place or it won't work. When installed, you shouldn't be able to see the gold pins on the bottom of the RAM.

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  2. One more thing, DO NOT help the white clips up. You need to use up to 30lbs of pressure to install the module. Use progressively more pressure until both clips snap up like Blasphemy said. Yes, the module will be tight and probably hard to get installed.

    Hope this helps.

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  3. The notch on the RAM slot is offset to one side, if you flip it one way it won't go in all the way, if you flip it the other way it does.

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