Asus N81Vg for University?

What do you think of this Asus laptop for University, medium gaming, and for the price it's at? Note that the prices are in Canadian dollars on this site, so I think that bout $999 USD.

Could I get a better value for my money?
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  1. It is going to be really good. I own one. I bought this three months back. I researched a lot and even thought about buying Macbook, but then suddenly one day I saw this notebook in Newegg and decided to buy. Because you will never EVER get this specs for under $1000 from any manufacturers or resellers.
    This computer is very good. Especially if you are a college student and would like to play some game in free time like really good graphic games. It runs so cool even after 24 or 100 hours. The fan is not very loud.
    It is going to be a very wise decision.
  2. Ooook. This thread's 5 months old.. I did buy it, and it's awesome. I don't think they sell it anymore though; new version out.
  3. Yes its a good laptop no doubts about it i was just adding other recommendations :)
  4. Haha, yeah. I was just shocked to suddenly get an e-mail saying I got a reply to this thread xD
  5. Sorry i thought it wasn't an old one,OK since you have bought it then i close this thread
  6. This topic has been closed by Maziar
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