unable to read cddrive when set to primary slave - dell 4600

dell 4600

installing instantcake software from cd to new hard drive (restores tivo image onto new hard drive)

(per instantcake instructions- requires for the drives to be arranged exactly as below)
disconnected main hard drive with xp
moved cddrive from secondary master to primary slave (set jumpers to slave, and then to cable select after )
installed new hard drive to secondary master

bios doesn't recognize cddrive when set as primary slave

i actually just want a working tivo hard drive, don't really care for any backups/restores or previous programming


- steve
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  1. I am not certain about your specific setup, However you might want to check and make sure that you only have one master or slave per channel.

    An IDE setup should look similar to this

    Primary Chanel on motherboard ---> Cable ---> Master ---> Slave
    Secondary Channel on motherboard ---> Cable ---> Master ---> Slave

    If you jumper to cable select the cable itself will determine which connection is which. If you have one cable with 2 masters or 2 slaves the motherboard will not recognize at least one, sometimes both. So check what everything is jumpered to and make sure there are no conflicts. If you still have errors please post a little more information and I will see what I can do.

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