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I have an HP Pavilion dv2000, running WinXP SP3, with 2 GB RAM. When I turned it on the other day, the computer made a series of three beeps (long - short - short) from its internal speaker, and it will not boot any further. The screen remains blank, there is no BIOS startup screen, etc. and further keypresses will eventually result in the "keypress overload" beeps when a key has been pressed too much.

I removed my HDD and attached it to my desktop to back up the data, but regardless of whether the HDD is in the laptop or not, I get the beeps.

I have searched for this problem in other forums, and one suggestion is that the three beeps on bootup indicates a RAM error. However, I have removed each of my 1GB sticks, one at a time, and attempted to power up the laptop, but I'm stuck with the three beeps.

If anyone has any experience with such a problem, or can point me to possible solutions, I would appreciate the advice.
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  1. I believe it is a video problem.

    In any case it mat be worth while if it falls under the "HP Limited Warranty Service Enhancement".


    This arrangement applies to select HP Pavilion dv2000/dv6000/dv9000 and Compaq Presario v3000/v6000 Series Notebook PCs for a recognised hardware fault.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I will take a look at the HP link you provided, and hopefully my laptop will qualify for the warranty extension.
  3. this problems always happend on dv 2000 series, it is because of the overheating of the computer, which cause the craphic card chipset problems, just find a place where can do BGA, it is very easy to fix it!
    if you have any questions, give me an email heliumgao@gmail.com. thanks
  4. Do the following check:
    >connect your laptop to an external monitor and check for any display
    If there is display, then it is a problem with your LCD display, probably the inverter or backlight.
    If there is no display, then the graphics chipset has got fried due to overheating. If it's NVidia,the weak soldering would have come apart due to the heat. This is a design issue with dv2000 laptops.Here are a couple of solutions:
    >Read the following post for links to check if your laptop product no is among those eligible for warranty extension/free repair :
    >If not then a cheap alternative would be to get it repaired at a board level repair shop.

    >After repair make sure you put in the new bios update.It will change your fan algorithm to reduce the heating of components.
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