[TADS 2] Room acts like door doesn't exist

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Help! I am trying to make a door between two rooms. Everything
compiles, but when I try to go east from the living room, it bypasses
the fireplace 'door' and goes straight to the time machine. Here's the
code. Please let me know what I am missing.



fireplace: lockableDoorway
isopen = nil
location = livingroom
noun = 'fireplace' 'door'
adjective = 'faux' 'strange'
sdesc = "fireplace"
ldesc =
{"A faux fireplace. Guy is fond of telling guests that the original
owners of the house were rich and could afford to heat the place with
radiators, but wanted to give the room a rustic appearance. ";
if (self.isopen)
"\n\tThere is a strange opening in the back of the fireplace.
Sunlight streams into the living room. ";
verDoSearch (actor) = {}
doSearch (actor) =
"You inspect the fireplace closely. To your surprise, one of the
bricks in the back of the fireplace is slightly different than the
rest. ";
brick.isfound := true;
verDoClose (actor) = {}
doClose (actor) =
"The strange door is a little difficult to close, since there are
no handles, but you manage to find a fingerhold or two and pull it
toward you. As it shuts, you hear a click, as if it were latching into
place. ";
brick.pushedin := nil;

destination = timemachine
otherside = tmachdoor

brick: buttonitem
isfound = nil
location = fireplace
pushedin = nil
noun = 'brick'
adjective = 'strange' 'loose'
sdesc = "brick"
ldesc = "There is a strange brick in the back of the fireplace. It
seems looser than the other bricks which make up the fireplace. Odd
that you haven't noticed it before. Is this what Guy could have been
referring to in his note? "
verDoPush (actor) =
if (self.pushedin)
"It's already pushed in!";
doPush (actor) =
"You push in the strange brick. It sinks in with a strange grating
sound. A second later, to your astonishment, the whole rear of the
fireplace swings open! Beyond this impossible door lies another room,
and what looks like a window that reveals, not the neighbor's yard, but
sand and golden sunlight. ";
self.pushedin := true;

timemachine: room
sdesc = "Time machine"
ldesc = "This place is assuredly a room ... Or is it a machine? You
are standing on a floor roughly the shape of a large phone booth.
Maybe two people could fit on it. There are only three walls visible
On the north wall, a control console stands at about waist level. One
the south side, you can see a compartment that reminds you of a glove
compartment. In the west wall is the doorway through the fireplace,
which leads back home.
\n\tIt's the east side which defies imagination. If there is a wall
at all, it's transparent. Beyond the edge of this strange space you
occupy, you can see a sandy, rocky place filled with blinding sunlight.
east = desertroad
west = tmachdoor

tmachdoor : doorway
noun = 'door'
adjective = 'fireplace'
sdesc = "door to the livingroom"
ldesc = "This is a small opening in this incredible room that leads
back to your familiar living room. "
location = timemachine
destination = livingroom
otherside = fireplace
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  1. Archived from groups: rec.arts.int-fiction,rec.games.int-fiction (More info?)

    Hi Guy,
    If you're using the default libraries, the doorway's target room should
    be 'doordest', not 'destination'.

    doordest = timemachine

    -- JohnDopp
  2. Archived from groups: rec.arts.int-fiction,rec.games.int-fiction (More info?)

    Yes, that's it! I have a lot to learn. Thanks very much!

  3. Archived from groups: rec.arts.int-fiction,rec.games.int-fiction (More info?)

    Glad to be of help! That was last week's lesson for me. =)
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