Another "BUYING a LCD gaming monitor" post

Ok I have been reading some posts on this board about buying LCDs for gaming. They have really been helpful but I am still left with a few questions.

Here is my system:
AMD 64 3500
1gig ram
17' CRT Triton

Here is what I do:
Play WOW every night.......that is.... well maybe my son goes to noggin every now and then...

I began by thinking a 19' LCD upgrade would be a good thing until I do my completely new computer in about 8-10 months (new MOBO CPU Video ECt...)
After reading some of the posts on here I cam up with these 2 choices:

SAMSUNG 931C High Glossy Black 19" 2ms (GTG) DVI LCD Monitor 250 cd/m2 2000:1 dynamic

ViewSonic X Series VX922 Black-Silver 19" 2ms DVI LCD Monitor 270 cd/m2 650:1

I was sold on the VX922 until I went into the local Staples to check out size. ( I am at least 100 miles from any computer store like comp USA or BB)
Well 2 things happened:
First I was really impressed with the display of the Samsung 932 they had in there, I mean it was awesome compared to the ViewSonics they had displayed. One of the Viewsonics was the same price has the Samsung 932 ($ 239) but had a very blurred display

1. What is the trade off between the VX922 and 931c in quality of picture vs. response rate for WOW gaming, not FPS?

Second I began to look at more real-estate and think, should I be getting a 20-22'?

2. So if I am willing to spend $350 for a LCD gaming machine, should I be looking at 20-22' or 19'. Do the 22' LCD work well with online gaming? Anyone playing World of Warcraft playing on a 20' or 22'?

Thanks for any input...
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  1. The blurriness was probably due to the connection they were using -- probably not a good way to do it.

    In theory, both monitors should be just as sharp as the other.
  2. Another thing occured to me is the 'Glossy'term... does this refer to screen or casing?
  3. Glossy on the samsung applies to the casing around the panel. It's still a flat matte panel.

    The Samsung is a solid choice, probably better than the Viewsonic at this point (as the VX922 is a bit older model).

    If you're not opposed to widescreen format, check out the Sammy 206bw also.

    And if you're looking for a good bang for your buck, check into LG LCD's. They have a couple 19" 4:3 monitors running around the same prices with purported 3000:1 contrast ratios and 2ms response time (although they may be measuring the subjective "dynamic" contrast ratio like Samsung does).
  4. Well I am now thinking that a 22' may be the best investment I can make. I am wondering if my video card can handle a 22' flat screen? Either way I think I have decided to go bigger than the 19'. Just have to start looking at 20' , 20' widescreen and 22'

    See I do plan on getting a completely new computer DX10 ready in about a year... so that is why I feel this LCD purchase needs to be the best value for the future as well.. does that make
  5. IMO, 22" is kinda a waste unless you just want the space.

    Look at some 20" widescreen panels instead. You get the same resolution (1650x1080) and specs for about $100 less.

    If you're looking for 20", check out the Samsung 206bw, or the HP w2007.
  6. I like Samsung but am very afraid of buying one online because of the different panels I have been reading about.

    But when it comes to Widescreen and gaming. I have read some reviews that say games look better on widscreen becasue of the pixel layout I think. Can anyone give me a general difference in widescreen gaming VS the standard display
  7. i am pretty sure that I am not going to go with a Samsung... risk of bad panel is too great...

    starting to narrow the search down to these on Newegg:( or maybe back to 19" ones)

    Sceptre x22wg

    ASUS MW201U

    ASUS MW221

    depending on the reviews I can find about these... Anyone had expeireince with the ASUS brand?
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