Samsung 226BW A, S, and C?

I just bought a Samsung 226BW 22in LCD from Circuit City and was fortunate enough to get an S panel. Some people say this A vs S panel arguement is overkill, but what is up with the C?

In short pop the back cover, the one that houses the power and cable connection, and look at the sticker. See what letter you have next to the model. It should say something like this: 226BW S. What the letter stands for is this:
(S) Panel is produced by Samsung
(A) Panel is produced by AOU
(C) Panel is produced by CMO Chi Mei Electronics?

Has anyone heard of this?
Seems like C is the worst of the bunch, but has anyone proven this?

Shame on Samsung for going with 3rd party parts and not telling the customers.
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  1. Quote:
    Seems like C is the worst of the bunch, but has anyone proven this?

    "Seems like"? Based on what, forum posts, or professional reviews? In any event, I'm not surprised one bit, particularly when you consider that all 22" models, without exception, are geared towards the budget-conscious, Gamer's market. Here, price is more important than that last bit of quality that may (or may not) exist with Samsung-based panels.

    I was upset when I realized that my second Sony PSP was made in China (vs. the first, which was made in Japan) because the PSP is expensive, as far as handhelds go. I will admit however, that there was no visible (or audible) difference between the two: score one for underdog and for Sony's profit margin...
  2. Well this is the biggest reason I will probably not buy a Samsung. See I do not have a store like BB or Comp USA within a 100 miles of here and do most of my buying online. Hence I am rolling the dice if I choose a Samsung, unless someone has an idea that will Guarantee the I get the right panel?
  3. Quote:
    Shame on Samsung for going with 3rd party parts and not telling the customers.

    Is that a fair statement? Not all parts in your Ford are manufatured by Ford. Samsung can source thier parts from where ever the like and I assume they require them to live up to Samsung's quality reputation.

    If anything I think the issue here would be that all the tested/reviewed monitors went out as "S" then they later switched to "A". But the debate on A vs S is obviously not finished.

    Zaxxor, if you are uneasy about this purchase, then simply switch to a monitor that has constant reviews. I'd recommend the L226WA (I don't have one but this is the one I picked out when I upgrade later this year).

    P.S. Of all the consumer reviews I read on LCDs I realize that vast number of reviewers do not calibrate their monitors. People report how/why their screens look bad out of the box, so they return them. Then others say how/why thier sceens look bad out of the box but they do proper settings adjustments and then they look awesome (same model as the other guy). Just keep this in mind when reading reviews...

  4. Great advice... I have to say I have a Samsung HD TV 37" and love it....

    You have also brought out a good point I have been overlooking and that is the number of reviews this model has had posted. It still mantains a great rating by most people.

    My search continues... I have started looking at the Ben Q models also...I will check that L226WA out too.
  5. After going back and reading the reviews in more detail I found out some good info. First there are many people that got the "A" or "C" panel and did not report any problems., in fact they highly recommended the monitor. Reading all the reviews instead of only the negative ones I found out that this whole panel issue really seems to be a myth. I mean in the fact that there is really in big difference in the quality of the panels. Bottom line is that there are more people that did not get the "S" panel and did not have problems than the few that did. So I agree with d0000h in that maybe some of those people just have not adjusted the LCD correctly.

    I am going with the 226BW and will leave a review when I get it.
  6. Hello. This is my first post.

    I have the "C" Model and it is horrible. There is TONs of flicker. I called Samsung and talked to customer support and they walked me through setting it up and nothing changed. They said infact that there is inferior models. Not ALL "C" models are bad just alot of them are.
  7. Yep I went to Best Buy and all they and were C models. I gave up in 226bw and got the LG 22" and have loved it.
  8. Im trying to figure out if this is screen flicker I have or something else.

    I have a Samsung 226bw and Have 5 more days to return it.

    In FPS games etc, the image will "shift/lag/flicker" not sure how to explain it, but it appears when turning around the image/pixel tries to move.

    The best way I can explain it is if you open up a windowed program in XP and move it around the border will shift/flicker.

    Is this the monitor?
  9. fastin,

    have you tried enabling the RTA?
  10. Yes I have, I have also tried adjusting everything else on the monitor.
  11. fastin,

    i'm afraid i have the same problem as yours...but for my case, it's only noticeable when i am playing FIFA 2007 game...

    i can notice a shadow or 'aura' around the player whenever passing is made... but once the player got the ball and running, everything return to normal... so in a way, it could be the same thing which you are experiencing... like moving a window with the border being blurry or grainy...

    since it's only noticeable at fifa07 for me, i'm not a big fuss to me... i tried playing Call of Duty 2 and everything seems to be noticable flicker/ghosting whatever you call it...

    it could be the monitor issue or probably you're getting a bad unit... i forgot about trying to move the window around to check if there's any flicker...i'll do that once i get back home today...

    you have to tweak out the 3rd party ones just to get them close to the S. and still they aren't as good. samsung should really think about the impact this has made.
  13. I have a "C" and it bleeds on the edges and fades in the middle, that cannot be calibrated out. This was mentioned in this user review as well.

    I have had Chemei manufactured TV before and it was similar low quality. Samsung may provide the specs. which, I am sure technically it passes. I wonder who provides the QA.

    This is dissapointing extremely dissapointing from Samsung.
  14. powerboy said:

    Yeah, I posted that a long time ago in another thread.

    Anywaste, Samsung no longer makes it easy for customers to identify which panel the 226BW is built with. These monitors no longer have A, C or S printed on the label.

    The only sure way to know is to take the monitor apart, thus voiding your warranty.
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