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Advice needed!! :P I am buying new display and not sure what to buy. I will be using maya and photoshop (digital paint) and want to know if I will really see ANY IMPORTANT difference between Appple's Cinema display 23" (16 ms S-IPS) and Dell's 2407 24" (6 ms (g2g) S-PVA). I want good color accuracy and no blur, but does the $300 more of Apples Cinema worths it??? What about viewing angles, bleed and lifespan?
Any other 24 wide display recommendation?
If I go with apple, should I wait for WWDC? (rumors there will be new displays released)

Thanks in advance :D
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  1. I don't have any experience with either the Apple or Dell.

    Initially I was looking at getting the BenQ FP241W 24" LCD monitor that uses a P-MVA panel. However, now that BenQ has released the FP241WZ version, that is at the top of my list. There is conflicting info about the being used. Some sites state it uses the same P-MVA panel, while others say it uses the newer A-MVA panel technology. I'm guessing it tries to bridge the gap between P-MVA and S-IPS technologies.

    Below are some thread discussions related to the FP241W / WZ:

    BenQ's current gen FP241W: PVA, P-MVA or A-MVA?

    BenQ FP241W or Dell 2407WFP?

    Here's a link that directly compares the BenQ FP241WZ, Dell 2407WFP A04, and the LG L246WP:

    24" Monitor Showdown
  2. iirc, the Apple is a bit better quality but teh Dell is right up there...
    Styling is great on both displays, but the price makes Dell the easy choice here... imo
  3. Thanks for the advice!
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