Optiplex gx520 drivers for windows 7

I want an audio driver that wil help me listen to my favourite music
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  1. Start at: www.dell.com
  2. No vista or 7 drivers were released for the gx520 series.
  3. Try installing in windows Xp compatibility mode.

    If that isn't helping then:
    -extract the driver file
    -go to device manager
    -find your sound card (as a sound card or unknown device)
    -look if unknown device is your sound card
    -if yes(or your sound card is detected), then install manually
    -specify the driver location yourself... In other words have disk and choose the .inf file from extracted driver folder.

    And that should do it...I know it's complicated, i don't guarantee a certain success. But I've got most old hardware running with windows 7 and 8, just takes some effort.

    Example, my laptop from 2005 runs Windows 8 Pro like a champ.
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