Viewsonic VX2435WM vs Dell 2407FWP


I'm hesitating between two 24" wide LCDs

The new Viewsonic VX2435WM is available at my local Canadian Best Buy at 900CAD

The Dell 2407FPW from Dell Canada will be on special at 749CAD and 0 delivery.

Both seem HDCP compliant and similar response times.

I wonder if some here could help me choose... this monitor will be used mainly for gaming, and for general desktop work
(My vid card is a 8800GTS)

For instance, I'm interested in 1:1 mapping.

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  1. The Dell is a great display, Love my 2405FPW!
    Also it being cheaper makes the answer even clearer!
  2. I'm surprised you like the 2405... lots of review I've seen the owners complained that it doesn't do 1:1 pixel mapping

    I've read lots of good reviews about the 2407, I'm sure it's a good choice. There aren't any reviews on the Viewsonic vx2435wm. Unless I have a good reason to consider it, I will procure a Dell 2407.
  3. iirc, that only is a problem when using the component inputs, anywho, the screen is nice, and looks great as a drafting screen with the occasional gaming episode...
  4. I placed my order for the 2407. Surprisingly, it was even cheaper. 699CAD instead of 749 as advertised in their flyer.
  5. I think you will be blown away by its quality...
  6. I have received my 2407wfp today and it's amazing. I am very pleased with it.
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