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Well im not sure if this is the right place to put this but it made sense to put it in home theater.

Anyway my brother is wanting to get a projector for his house. He has pretty much settled on this one (Link) for his price range and needs.

First off i just need opinions as to if that is a good projector for what my brother needs. He is going to be doing run of the mill computer stuff but, watching movies and playing games are his two big reasons for wanting to get a projector so it needs to do that well.

Second is to deal with mounting. He wants to have it on his living room ceiling. Ive looked at a few mounts on newegg and such and don't know what one to tell him to get. The ceiling isn't very high so it doesn't need to be a mount that hangs way down and my bro is a tall guy 6'5 so if its tucked right up to the ceiling he can still reach it if need be. Also Im not so much worried about the mount fitting the projector(most universal mounts look like they will do the trick) but i have no idea how were gonna mount the thing to the ceiling. So any advise on mounting the mount to the ceiling would be greatly appreciated.

And lastly his computer is in a extra bedroom right next to his living room. He will most likely be sitting max 15 or 20 feet from the pc. I need to know if a blue tooth keyboard and mouse will be able to go through an interior wall with no problem. He is going to be playing games so if it laggs a lot it will be a problem. I figure they will work im just not so sure on the lag time if there will be any.

thanks for any help you can offer
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  1. That link takes me to a list of LCD tv's not projectors... and since you didn't post the model number it's going to be hard for anyone to help.
  2. Well I did notice 1 projector in the list... the 1080p panasonic. I've owned a 720p panasonic for 2 years and it's been a good projector. I'm planning on picking up that same model sometime this year to upgrade to 1080p... I'm for sure not going to be paying over $4k for it though (that price stinks, unusual for newegg).

    First of all... projectors don't make good computer displays, you end up putting a lot of hours on them, and the bulbs are expensive... and while it seems like a cool idea, actually USING it for cruising the internet or writing a word document just isn't comfortable... it's just too big. I use it for gaming but not general computer use... I've got a 42" 1080p lcd for that.

    My system is ceiling mounted, most of those brackets have the projector hanging down a bit so that there's room to adjust angle. My mount hangs about 6" below the ceiling. If he wants a flush mount he may be able to find one but he might be just as well off building his own.

    A bluetooth keyboard/mouse SHOULD have no problem reaching. I've got the Logitech Bluetooth KB/Mouse combo and once I got the sensor in the right spot (not behind the PC) it works OK, but not as good as it should (it should work to 60' or beyond). My PS3 controllers (bluetooth) work just fine for over a hundred feet away. I'd recommend avoiding Logiech, get microsoft. Better yet... get the Gyration KB/Mouse combo, I've swapped to that unit and it warks awesome... and at a hundred bucks it cost 50 less than the bluetooth logitech setup.
  3. thanks for the help I almost reposted this in another forum. I still have one question. How is it you mounted the projector mount to the ceiling? I just don't want this thing falling on the floor so what is a good way of securely attaching this projector to the ceiling?
  4. With only ceilings slightly over 7' tall in my finished basement, I simply cut
    a sheet of plywood the size of the base of my projector, drilled holes to match
    the screws on the projector, and painted it to match the ceiling. Screwed
    wood into joists through the sheetrock. Bulb replacement will require dismounting
    on most projectors ceiling mounted anyways, so I'm not concerned with
    the extra 4 screws to get it down.

    $10 instead of an insane amount of money for a small piece of metal.
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